Foxy KiddThis is a sweetheart collective. I brought together this particular small group of talented painters because they are very dear to me personally and because they each offer something brilliant and different from the other. From Carla Crow’s serene, meditative geometric images and iconic figures to Nancy’s Calef’s witty and outrageous political peoplescapes, to Tasha Robbins’ poignant and playful portraits, Regina Bartkoff’s raw introspective contemplations and Charles Schick’s realm of otherworldly observations, between them I daresay there is something here for every taste. I happen to think they are all delicious. The more time I spent with their images while working on this website, the greater my appreciation grew for each of them and their individual forms of expression. They are all genuine working artists from varying backgrounds using ranging styles and medium, living on both coasts, in the city and the twigs. As different as the work is, there is a common thread for me. It’s a certain spirituality found throughout, and I keep coming back to archetypal to broadly define the bond. Each of them possesses a keen intuition, deep sensitivity and old-fashioned curiosity that come through in their paintings. The idea for this website emanated from Goodie, where I first showed their work and got to know them. Wanting to expand the Salon and show more of the artists and their art, I’ve created this new space especially for them. I hope it will be grand for them and all who visit. –Foxy Kidd
(photo by Romy Ashby)

Please use the Guestbook to leave general comments. Featured works shown on the Gallery page are listed at gallery prices. Works shown on the individual artists’ pages which are not labeled (NFS) or (Private Collection) are also available for sale, prices on request. For more specific information about any of the work shown here, please feel free to contact me or the individual artist at the email addresses below.

Foxy Kidd: info@salonfoxy.com
Regina Bartkoff: schickbartkoff@gmail.com
Nancy Calef: nancy@nancycalefgallery.com
Carla Crow: carlacrow@yahoo.com
Tasha Robbins: tasharobbins22@gmail.com
Charles Schick: schickbartkoff@gmail.com