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10 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. Beautiful work, Carla!
    When you have a moment, will you send me the words on “Solstice Eclipse?”
    I think of you often, and I look forward to seeing you sooner than later.
    I enjoy your Tibetan carpet every day.


  2. Nancy, I really love your work. I would know it anywhere.

    Whenever I see your painting in our home, I think of you, and that’s often.


  3. Salon Foxy is great!…Tasha I love your work. It really is a slice of real life. You bring sweet poetry to a moment that can be easily overlooked.

  4. oh oh oh – charles the new orleans work is achingly beautiful and horrible both. your colors and gina’s look gorg against this well-designed white site. cheers to all involved!

  5. I recently visited this new site…nothing short of FANTASTIC, beautifully designed with elegance and simplicity.
    The artists are wonderful; this should attract a lot of buyers. I will continuously visit the site….
    I will definitely spread the work. Good job!

  6. Thank you, Foxy, for once again putting your talent and energy into the service of new art with this beautifully designed site. It’s certain to lead visitors into new discoveries and fortuitous connections. Inspiring!

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