Carla Crow

Chicago, 1946.

In childhood my eyes dreamt of art.

They opened to art in the 80’s when I lived and learned among artists of the High Plains.

My passion for art flourished when I moved to Hawaii in the 80’s. Working as a flower harvester on Maui provided my needs as I found my way as an artist. Inspiration abounded in the beauty of the island and the local color and culture influenced my art in an obvious way. I lived and painted on Maui for 25 years, fifteen of those years in isolation on the eastern shore in Hana. My eyes became Hawaiian eyes.

Moving to Eugene, Oregon in 2009 was life/art altering. Living on the “mainland” demanded that I re-create my lifestyle, my art, and my entire way of being in the world.
Relocating to the Pacific Northwest meant learning to look with new eyes.

I have delighted in “experiencing” this new place. My connection with Nature deepens each day as I witness the beauty around me. My simple attempts to capture it amuse and give life purpose.



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Tufted. Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20", 2015.

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